All Emergency Faults – Call or SMS 24 Hour Hotlines 0849739079 / 0721363860

Circuit Breaker Tripping Earth Leakage Tripping Light(s) Not Working Plug(s) Not Working
No Power Broken Cable No Hot Water Short Circuiting
Lights Flickering Lights Keep Blowing DB Board Smoking Light/Plug Smoking
Burnt Wires Naked Wires Loose Wires Switch Gets Warm

Light Doesn’t Work But Later Starts Working

Lightning/Surge Protection One Light Dimmer Than The Other Lights Jacuzzi/Pool/Borehole Motor Faulty
Faulty Gate Motor Faulty Garage Door Taps Shocking High Electricity Bills

Electrical Improvements & Upgrades Call 0849739079 / 0721363860 or Email sales@apollo13repairs.co.za

New Plugs

New Gate Motor

Day/Night Sensors

Prepaid Meters

New Lights – Fittings & Wiring, Indoor/Outdoor

New Jacuzzi, Pool or Gate Motor

Timer Switches – For Geysers or Pumps
Lightning/Surge Protection Ceiling Fan Installations DB Board Upgrades & Phase Balancing New Building/Out – Building Wiring

COC Inspections and Certificates – Call 0849739079 / 0721363860 or Email sales@apollo13repairs.co.za

Electrician WorkingNo matter how large or how small your home may be, Apollo 13 offers the outstanding electrical work and services you need. Our team has worked with homeowners for ages to provide all types of installations, troubleshooting, fault finding, repairs and more, including lighting, distribution boards and modifications.

Contact Us and we will have an electrician there today or in 30 minutes for emergencies!

24 Hour Commercial and Industrial Service

Apollo 13 can ensure that your business or factory has the most up-to-date electrical wiring and installations for your needs. We will help your business grow by satisfying your needs for a variety of commercial spaces, including office buildings, rental property, stores and much more.

We are there to make sure your electrical problems don’t lead to loss of money for your business, so we move with speed to fix your problems quickly to keep you in business. Apollo 13 is proud to work with a wide variety of customers for all of their needs, including Manufacturers, Retailers and Corporates.

Going Green – Saving Electricity and Helping You Reduce Your Electricity Bills

New trends are indicating that "electrical contractors" will transition to "energy contractors" due to the green revolution and the evolution of cheaper alternative sources of energy. The drive towards energy saving and going green will grow tremendously.  This means there is "a coming renaissance in electrical contracting." However, to really benefit and to be able to fit in the green revolution, electricians need to focus on changing now by gaining the right skills and promoting green credentials.


Some of The Benefits of Using Us…

  • 24 hour service
  • We accept cash or EFT
  • Experienced servicemen
  • All work is guaranteed
  • Efficient and friendly staff
  • Office Support
  • Quick turnaround. 30 minutes for emergencies
  • Prompt after-sales service